Improve your Life Quality by elevating your self-consciousness

through Spiritual Healing and Para-psychotherapy.

HEAL at the spiritual level and improve your
mental, emotional, physical and energetic health.


Spiritual Healing Global

Spiritual Healing Global offers a safe and stable environment, guided by our medium and
healer Bia Paiva, for you to work through and heal at the mental, emotional, energetic and physical levels.

Our mission is to enable you to encounter the best, healthiest version of yourself.

We believe that by untiying the energetic knots of past experiences, not fully digested by our systems, 

we are able to raise our self-awareness, thus empowering our inner core, enabling us to work towards living life in it's full potential.

We offer sessions online, in Caraíva, São Paulo, Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.

Fields of Work

Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Low or swifting energy levels, Trauma, Stress, Panic Syndrome, Burnouts, Addiction,

Health and Physical Issues, Family and Work problems, Improve Life’s Potential, Spiritual Search.


“Bia is amazing. A great light worker and a powerful, loving soul. And she also knows the classic tools of psychology.

A master is able to take himself out of he equation - no matter what, and Bia is. She’s highly professional. I felt safe with

Bia right from the start. And I knew that what we are doing there is confidential. She cannot be fooled, she’s going to

test you and make sure you are ok. At least she did with me - can’t tell you how, because then it won’t work for you

anymore. The sessions with her are fun to me, I always left light up!  And I found Bia the most beautiful, when

I witnessed her seeing that I was truly relaxed, save and good here in 3D - what a loving soul - that had been her

main concern. Don’t get me wrong, Bia is straight-forward and she will hit you straight upfront if she sees crap - this

girl will hold the mirror for you, while at the same time always leaving room for the possibility that either she may be ‘wrong’

or it may just not be the right moment to handle this. Just one more thing: The sessions with Bia are work. She’s giving her

best and ideally we do that too. And you know how it is when you clean things up: all of a sudden you may see more dirt

than you thought you have. So the time after the sessions can be intense. But so so worth it, when you make it through!

Thank you Bia, in love and light always. You have been and still are such a great teacher for me, out in the field,

while deeply grounded and anchored in both worlds. So looking forward to our next session, because we all have

blindspots and btw. sometimes it is just nice to have someone help you do it - and much more fun!”

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About Bia Paiva

Bia Paiva is a Medium and Healer from Brazil, living in Caraiva, Bahia.

She specializes in drug addictions and difficult psychological

and physical conditions, but attends to all kinds of emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual issues.

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