Elevate your self-consciousness

and improve your Life Quality through Para-psychotherapy

Healing at the spiritual level to improve your
mental, emotional and physical health.


Spiritual Healing Global

Spiritual Healing Global offers a safe and stable environment, guided by our medium and
healer Bia Paiva, for you to work through and heal at the energetic, mental, emotional and physical levels.

Our mission is to enable you to encounter the best version of yourself.

We believe that self-knowledge and awareness are key in the process towards living life in it's full potential.

Sessions in Caraiva, Bahia - BR or through Skype. Appointments in Berlin in March and October 2020.

Fields of Work

Trauma, Depression, Stress, Panic Syndrome, Burnouts, Addiction for Addict and Family
Members, Health and Physical Issues, Family and Work problems, Improve Life’s Potential, Spiritual Search.

Spiritual Healing Global Retreats

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"I came to Bia with a mountain of problems and although we still have a long road ahead of us, I know that

she is the right person to guide me through all of this. From the moment I first met her, I immediately felt

at ease. Bia is a very warm and friendly person and her ability to immediately arrive at the root of a

problem is astounding. With each session, I feel closer to my goals and I walk away in high spirits and a

better energy as well as a clearer understanding of the trauma that has affected me in the past. Her work

during our sessions and her advice have already led to dramatic improvements in my life in a short amount

of time. I look forward to the insight and healing energy that future sessions will provide."


About Bia Paiva

Bia Paiva is a Medium and Healer from Brazil, living in Berlin. She specializes in drug addictions and difficult psychological

and physical conditions, but attends to all kinds of emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual issues.

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