Bia Paiva (Maria Beatriz Paiva, born 1984, São Paulo) has been providing mediumship services to celebrities, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, politicians as well as individuals, couples and families for more than 15 years. Although she had been exposed to alternative medicine and the esoteric arts growing up, she used to be a skeptic. In fact, her rejection of “all things spiritual” led her to a dangerous life of excess.


After hitting rock bottom at the tender age of 18, she was sent to Peru to “clean up”. It was there that she had her first earth shattering spiritual experience. Upon arriving at an Inca Ruins site, she found herself immediately accessing a profusion of information about that civilization. Not from books or storytelling, but through her clairvoyance. She was a spiritual healer, but in the beginning she thought she had just gone mad.


This led her to her first meeting with her healer and mentor, who told her why her soul had actually come to the Earth. She was to go down below, as far as one can go (she explained as she signaled with her hands) down, down below where it’s really dense and dark. There, upon rising, Bia would bring up all the souls that would cross her path along with her.


Bia is very open and straightforward about her story, shadows and all, and describes the experience as something necessary to become the powerful healer she is today.


By going full swing on the pendulum of light and dark, she came to recognize life as the most sacred gift imaginable. The more she dedicated herself to this work, by listening to the Spirit Realm and all the work she must do to continue purifying her channel, the clearer and more powerful her healing abilities have become.


In 2017 she founded Spiritual Healing Global and opened her clinic in Charlottenburg, Berlin. In 2018 she launched a second location in Brazil, to spread her gift and healing services, and founded Spiritual Healing Caraíva. A year and a half later, she co-founded Casa de Cura - a non-profit dedicated to promoting holistic public health.


In the wake of the pandemic in 2020, when the whole world was longing to move their bodies after months of confinement, Bia started to take on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. From then on, Jiu-jitsu has been an essential part of her life and is her way of staying grounded for both herself and her mission.


She currently studies Jiu-Jitsu under the guidance of black belt and multiple world champion Julia Boscher (Gfteam / Boscher BJJ School) and Grappling, under the guidance of legend Master Miltinho Vieira at Rio Fighters.