“I want to see you fly!”
Bia Paiva

Serving the Spiritual Realm since 2005, I have been dedicating my entire life to humanity’s well being, integral health and success. Through clairvoyance and mediumship, I function as the means for our Spiritual Guides to heal you.

Spiritual Healing Global

“Being healthy is something that a lot of us haven’t accessed yet in this lifetime, because it only happens when we are whole beings. We all aim to become whole beings, although we tend to reject parts of ourselves as we go through life. There are parts that we choose to not show because we are afraid of not being loved if people see them, and parts that we don't even know we’re rejecting. 

Healing is about picking up all of those pieces we've rejected for one reason or another and embracing them as who we really are. This is the only way to become healthy individuals and to actually manifest what our souls came into this life to accomplish in this world.” Bia Paiva

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“HEAL at the spiritual level, improve your mental, emotional, physical and energetic health and witness your life finally take off.”

Fly with Bia Paiva


“To be the best channel possible, I have been working tirelessly to become as neutral and clear as possible so that no part of me is influencing the powerful and subtle work our spiritual guides carry out during our sessions, through me. 

For more than 15 years I have continuously been dedicated to healing, inside and out, by overcoming my own barriers and wounds. Though I’ve tripped over my fair share of stones, I used those experiences to evolve in my life and practice, so that I can become a more powerful, effective tool for the spiritual realm to work through here on Earth. 

After more than a decade in Berlin running Spiritual Healing Global, I have moved back to my home land, co-founding the NGO Casa de Cura in Caraíva Brasil, where I serve as president, and our aim is to help foster bringing integral health to 7.7 billion people.

I stand as someone who is not afraid to say my goal is to bring health to our entire human planet. I want to see you fly!” Bia Paiva


The Concept

The spiritual body carries the load of your past, present and future. When certain situations are not fully processed, they are recorded in our system as energetic knots or negative residue. These knots, gathered throughout life, manifest themselves as physical, emotional or psychological issues in the form of diseases, depression or addictions. This has a profound effect on  family, relationships and careers and can prevent us from reaching and fulfilling our maximum potential. 

Through clairvoyance and mediumship, our healing sessions consist of untying these knots and creating a unique and solid structure that enables our clients to experience a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. 

The sessions can be held in English, Portuguese, German or Spanish.

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Sublime is our exclusive segment to offer clients, who operate in the high performance niche of their own métier, an incomparable and superior service, in which you receive not only my full guidance and attention for personal and business matters, but also a life boosting built-in system, molded to your own particular needs, with one sole purpose: enhancing your performance in all aspects of life.

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Jiu-jitsu in my Life

“Jiu-Jitsu, or subtle art as the name translates, happens through so much physical contact and so little space in between bodies that it feels like the Universe is rubbing all the things you need to get in touch with in your face, within and without. It is a perfect mirror to ourselves.

Through it, you're able to see your frustrations, your lack of humbleness, your rage, your weaknesses, your strengths, your most positive and your most negative characteristics, light and darkness all in one.

If you take too long to react you might be submitted, so it is about finding that perfect balance between action and reaction and knowing when it is time to impose yourself in a situation and when it's time to endure the pressure, in order to come out alive

Jiu-Jitsu is clarity of mind and grounded movements. It is literally human chess and the psychoanalysis of the physical body.

It is updated and modern,  it's vibrant. It is heavy and also subtle. It's slow and also very fast. It's when duality ceases to exist. It's magical. It's mind sharpness and also emotional. It is spiritual and sacred. It is like nothing I have experienced before.

It is the most direct and powerful tool on Earth we have to access what we need, through the physical body. I dare say I've never seen a more powerful tool then Jujitsu and I think if people really want to excel in life, all they need is to practice jiu-jitsu.”

Bia Paiva

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Bia Paiva´s Sessions provide healing for:

Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Sensitive and Serious Mental Health Issues, Covid-19 related Syndromes, Physical Health Diseases, Health Prevention and Improvement, Relationship Harmonization, Business Growth and Development, Guidance in Spiritual Quests.

What to expect:


"I'm entirely dedicated to being there for people as they become more of themselves. I don't want to teach anyone to be like me or like anything they are not and I’m definitely not a guru. I am here to walk alongside you,  holding space for you to become more of yourself. I do this by serving the spiritual realm as they use me as a clean medium to heal you and to communicate to your soul, by transmitting everything you need to learn and hear at the moment of each of our sessions.

When your spirit is aligned with your physical, mental and emotional bodies, and when the energetic strings that compose your existence are clear, your vital energy flows without blockages or resistance. This is when you reach and experience inner peace. This produces almost inexplicable results, in which you will find yourself in a continuous connection with the divine, thus manifesting a healthy, happy, and truly wholesome existence.” Bia Paiva


If you would like to join me for an individual or group retreat, tailor made to your own needs and wishes, in the location of your dreams, here with me in Bahia or anywhere around the globe, please write us a message here. 

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“Quando procurei a Bia eu estava no meio do puerpério, passando por intensas crises de ansiedade e síndrome do pânico, eu já não dormia e nem conseguia sair de casa, eu estava realmente doente e nada que eu procurava conseguia amenizar meu estado espiritual, foi então que resolvi conhecer o seu trabalho, e desde então meu estado de espírito se elevou, acalmou meus medos e me ajudou a me reafirmar como pessoa nessa terra, eu assumi meu lugar no mundo, consegui me conectar com a minha verdade, e desde então eu caminho com os pés firmes nessa existência, ao lado da Bia é claro!  Sou imensamente grata por essa oportunidade!”