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Casa de Cura, is an NGO founded by Maria Beatriz Paiva and Irene Barontini, in Caraíva (Bahia - BR).


“It was born to demystify and depoliticise the concept of health, and return it to the original owner, each one of us. Health is not only absence of illness, it is the primordial status of nature of every human being, the organic harmony amongst all the aspects of life, mental, physical, energetic and spiritual and everyone should have the right to cultivate its own harmony. We truly believe Health is not a matter of political beliefs or social status, it should never be considered or even less dealt with as a privilege, health is for all, health is all.”


Spiritual Healing Global has a compromise with bringing integral health to the world and does that, as well, through dedicating a percentage of its revenues to Casa de Cura.