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Namaste fellow friends. Welcome you to our portal of love and light.

Me and our Spiritual Friends could not be happier for being able to share all this vibrational information with you. We really hope you enjoy our posts, and that these tips arrive to you as tools to help and encourage you in your daily lives, but even if you just stop to think about questions, that you don't usually think of in the hecticness of your routines, all is valid and great!

As you might have noticed, I usually use the term “we” as if many people were a part of our team, when actually it is only me, Bia, talking to you. So I would like to explain this very important fact here: I am not alone! And no, there is no one else physically here, BUT our spiritual guides are always a part of the information that I am sending you. Being in our sessions, in these blog posts, in our Youtube videos, or Instagram and Facebook, I am always talking to you from a place in which I am connected to our guides, being merely a medium for channeling these messages. So, yes, it is always a “we” group of souls talking to you even though here, in the physical world, it is only me.

Another thing we would like to share with you is that the space of one blog post, or Youtube video, or Instagram/Facebook post is not enough to talk about such broad topics, all at once. So we are creating this content as we go along, also knitting one topic with the other, and throughout time unfolding more and more on specific issues, also as spirituality feels it is time to get deeper. So give us sometime to unfold our messages, but also, please feel free to send us questions and topics you would like to know more about. And remember, there are no wrong question! And if you are thinking about it, probably there are loads of people out there questioning the same things, so, send them in! We would love to have your questions and feedback.

On that note, we don´t want to extend this post too much, as we want to keep on producing content that can bring you useful information. So we will leave you now, sending you all the strength to deal with whatever it is the Universe is bringing your way.

Much love and light.


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