SHG Holistic Astrology - June 2021

Spiritual healing is more needed than ever in these trying times that require us to know more about ourselves and the forces dynamics of the world that surround us. Here I'll share some of the main astrological aspects at play during the next month alongside practical tips to help us in our journey.

The Moon will point to the need for self-knowledge and reflection upon the masters and paths we follow so pay some attention to what information you read and consume. From her new phase on June 10th in Gemini to her full phase on June 24th in Sagittarius is also a good time to root down some small personal rituals such as tea time and bonfire stargazing to connect to our lunar side, connect to your own spiritual nature.

Retrograde Mercury in Gemini calls us to think about our communication to diminish isolation feelings. This will be of importance when it, alongside the Moon and the Sun, squares Neptune on June 10th bringing up differences between our personal views and social standards. Try to strengthen communities you are involved with and connect those in more lonely situations than yours.

Mars enters Leo on June 11th opposing Pluto in Capricorn calling for more open hearted shining gestures in a spirit of joy to fortify us in face of the reflection upon the valour of our actions. Time to pay extra attention to physical health and appearance, even if on your own. Venus will do the same on June 27th, synchronizing these sparkling lights needs to our relationships as well. How can you help yourself and those around you to shine?

Sun enters Cancer on June 21th asking for comforting and nourishment of our innermost dreams and aspirations.This intensifies the overall inspiration for collective embracing of frailties. Don't let the opportunity to tell those you love how important they are pass you by since cancerian energy suits small gestures of kindness with the proper subtlety.

Jupiter entering again Piscis after a time back in Aquarius will ask all our generosity towards the flows of life and the social needs that encompass them. It's a good moment to map your circle of working partners and see who could help who to improve their networkings. It is remembering us that the shining heavens are made of constellations and not lone stars. It's a time for connections.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus asks us to be gentle on ourselves but without indulgence. Each one of us must design our own best possible discipline without getting overwhelmed by the overall world situation and how it affects our lives.

If you need help reading your map you may contact me. I pray that all of us have a nice month for ourselves and the common good of all beings.

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