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The power of the mind I

As some of you might have noticed, I have started a new video topic this monday, talking about  What is the Power of The Mind?. And I am also trying to break these topics into shorter videos, so you guys can intake this content with more facility, as hectic times also means a lack of time for a 20min video.

Nonetheless, this is too wide a topic for just a few minutes in front of a camera, and so I just thought I would write a bit more about it, for those of you who got curious.  In any case, if you haven't watched the video, please click on the link -> HERE , watch it, and come back to this text, so you can follow my line of thought without any friction and we can move together from the same place onwards.

When we think about our world, everything can be boxed into those physical states of solid, liquid or gas, right? Right. But, behind these physical states, there is a frequency, or more frequencies, that compose and vibrate through that specific element.

So then you ask me, so is my water vibrating? Yes. Is the smoke of my cigarette vibrating? Yes. Are the walls of my home vibrating? Yes. Everything, and I mean literally everything, is vibrating.

Have you ever thrown a rock into a lake and watched those circles happen around where you threw the rock? In the moment in which you threw that rock, you created a frequency in the water, and those circles are the waves of the frequencies produced by the moment in which the rock hit the water and fell to the bottom of the lake.

Have you ever stood on a building close to train tracks and you could feel the floors and walls vibrating as the train passed by? The frequencies generated by the train going over the tracks are so low and so heavy (which also means they are super long), that they make everything around them, for a couple of kms, vibrate as well. Very interesting note on this topic is that these super low frequencies, called Infrasound, are not perceived by the human ear, as the fall below our hearing spectrum of 20Hz to 20KHz, and they are a serious cause for depression amongst those who live in areas near train tracks, or highways.

Have you have stood near speakers and you felt like your chest was coming out of your mouth? That is because our lungs are a hollow box with an specific resonating frequency, that also falls into the lower frequency spectrum, and when you go to a concert and stand near the bass speaker, it might resonate exactly on our lung´s frequency therefore creating a strong pressure onto our thorax, hence that feeling that our lungs will come out of our mouths.

In any case…. (sorry, I love frequencies, so I could write about them forever.), going into a more spiritual vision of vibration, everything has a frequency.

Imagine it as if you were a machine, that has been storing information throughout your entire lives (soul´s lives , not human lives aka since always) and one day someone comes and wants to know what is the current status of everything you have stored. This machine is not going to write and tell every single story you have gone through in all your lives, it will print out frequencies and through these frequencies, we will be able to analyse where, in your learning process, are you at that moment in time.

If you are vibrating really low, your “printout” will come out full of low frequencies, with darker colors, and in many places also full of knots and holes. If you are vibrating high, this same “printout” will come out light, full of high frequencies, colors almost close to white, and with a system that is whole and healthy. And that works for everything in the Universe.

So what is the difference, when it comes to experiencing life, between these two kind of vibrations: very simple, in one you struggle, in the other you thrive.

But then you can ask me, so what? Am I just born with a frequency? Is my entire life just one frequency? Or can that change with time?

Everything in life is in constant connection to both sides. Interestingly enough, in order to get to the high, we have to go through the low, there is no direct path upwards without having truly explored the lower realms of the Universe. That is why we call our soul's learning process, a process of Ascension, as we learn, we move up on our frequency scale, and the day we have learned it all, we become light ourselves and can leave these physical states behind.

And now you ask me, ok, so how can I understand where am I vibrating? How can I use my vibration? What do I need to do in order to vibrate higher?

This is what I will be talking about on our next videos and posts ;)

Wishing you all amazing vibes and a wonderful day!

Loads of love and light, B.


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