Welcome to Spiritual Healing Global 2021!

Welcome to Spiritual Healing Global, our new, updated and yet always evolving 2021 version.

SHG was founded in 2017, in Berlin, Germany, when our founder Bia Paiva decided,

she was going to start opening sessions for people who weren't in her friends and family circle.

Instead of creating a platform with her own name,she founded SHG already with the intent to turn it one day into a platform that would serve as more than a platform for hosting her sessions. But a true Spiritual Healing Global platform; with guests, information, access to other sorts of therapy and healing, with content to build a community.

But we all know that Rome wasn't built in a day, therefore it has been this long journey so that we could arrive here today and gladly tell you that this is all finally becoming reality.

Since 2017, Bia has worked her way in the German public realm, opened an office in Berlin Charlottenburg, did many workshops in Berlin, took care of hundreds of people and spread her access globally and her clients are now in Spain, in the UK, in Dubai, in Argentina, in Canada, in the States, in Brazil, and in Germany.

In 2019 she moved back to Brazil after 15 years living in Germany, listening to the call of her homeland to bring this healing power over to her roots. She has been living in Caraíva, for the past 2 years, working for the natives and the tourists who visit this paradise, little beach village. There, Bia co-founded, with her friend Irene Barontini, the NGO Casa de Cura, which aims to heal and bring health to the 7.7 billion people in our entire planet.

Now, she has decided to move to Rio de Janeiro and finally open up the Space, which she has been working for her entire life. A center entirely dedicated to healing, with practices, meditation, breath work, yoga, jujitsu, holistic therapies, courses, seminars, workshops.

This is also why we decided to open up this new and renewed platform, because we're now a team, now we are working with partners, now we are a community and you are a very important part of this. And we want to listen to you, we want to know more about you and what you're looking for. We want to know what you are interested in, what are your issues and let you know that we are working very hard to create blog content, courses and mentoring programs, seminars and retreats.

SHG is here to function as this community platform that enables you to access high level content, the best professionals, high end / high quality services, online and soon in our SHG Space in Rio.

Join us! Share! Contact us! We are very excited to have you as part of the SHG community.

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