Who am I?

Who are you? Or in our own personal case, the real question we all ask ourselves is: Who am I?

Usually when someone asks us that, the answer will be a list of titles we allow ourselves to give to who we think we are. So it goes something along the lines of:

I´m a healer, I´m a mom, from Brazil, I´m an artist, I worked in the music business for 10 years, I live in Berlin, so I am also an immigrant, I´m a woman...

Those kinds of lists that each and everyone of you will fill out according to your background, profession, life situation.

The thing is, as long as you have a list to answer thing beautiful question of "Who am I?", this probably just means that you still haven't touched the core of your existence, thus using this list of titles and adjectives as a disguise.

Sadly, our society has taught us that we need titles in order to be someone, and that simply being, in our most pure form, is simply not an option. If you “just” are, people will probably think you are a lazy person, who does not like to work and therefore can immediately be excluded from all social circles.

So again I ask: “Who are you?”

And while this question flows through all of your cells and energetic system, I ask that you please close your eyes, take deep breaths, and let the question really travel through you, all the way to your belly button, your energetic core, your center.

“Who are you?”

And now listen to your soul, in the silence of your mind, while this question disappears before your eyes and transforms into being only frequencies that vibrate throughout your entire body, from head to toe.

I know I might sound repetitive, but the point is that as long as we are looking for the answer to this primal question on the outside, in the titles which we use to project an image out in the World, all we do is spin a lab rat wheel - that wheel that moves nowhere. And then we wonder why so many people are suffering from depression, panic attacks, addictions.

For as long as we are so disconnected from our true selves, that all we can see is outside of our cores, is outward, somewhere in a mirror of our egocentric society, we are walking around as if we were blindfolded. And tell me, who keeps calm walking around blindfolded on the streets? No one.

So again, I ask: “Who are you?” and with this I invite you to do this exercise everyday. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourselves: “Who am I?”

And the day, the answer is… No answer at all! then you can congratulate yourself for being closer to your essence. Our souls need no titles. All it need is to be connected. Connected to our life´s purpose, connected to the divine energies of the Universe, connected to the energies of love aka our heart chakras.

Then, and only then, there is peace, inner peace. Then and only then, you will feel grounded in yourself. Then and only then, you will be tuned into your own “radio frequency”, the one in which you can listen to all signs the Universe is sending your way. Then and only then, you will be able to walk around with your eyes unclouded by ego.

So again I ask: “Who are you?”

You are source. You are light. You are love. You are the Universe. And the Universe is you.

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