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“YOu are sublime!”

Sublime is our exclusive Holistic Lifestyle Coaching for Peak Performance segment to offer clients an incomparable and superior service, in which you receive full guidance and attention for personal and business matters, in a life boosting built-in system, molded to your own particular needs, with one sole purpose: enhancing your performance in all aspects of life.




How long does a Formula 1 Pit stop last? 12 to 16 seconds, at the most! What do you consider is the perfect amount of time for your plane to be in a routine check-up? I am sure you would say that the ultimate plane wouldn't have to land, ever, at all.

Now imagine you are the fastest airplane ever built, and you have earned the right to perform at full speed by excelling within your own field.

Great! Together we have arrived in the same place. You are flying and I am here to ensure you will not have to land, ever again!

Hence the short story I would like to tell you right now:

In order to fly at the altitude you are flying, you have to have a strong mind, fierce thoughts and precise actions. You need to be able to read the environment, handle pressure and impose yourself, always at the right place and at the right time. No matter which territory you are thriving in, it is all about sharpness and precision, nothing can go wrong.

Nonetheless even though your incomparable abilities drive you to stand out like nobody else, you have to accept that you are not yet a machine and in order for you to fly endlessly, you will have to take care of yourself, at a very distinctive level, in order for your plane not to enter a the point of no return. No zone should be too hot for you.

To that extent, as long as you are on top of your preflight checklist and you are healthy, your vital energy levels are high,  your mind is clear and present and your spirit is aligned with all of your business and personal ventures, you are simply unstoppable.

Please contact our Sublime Team to book your own SUBLIME Experience.

The Operation

Just like a heart surgeon, together with my very own Executive Team, I will first have you scanned, in order to analyze where you are right now in life.

It sounds very simple,  yet all areas of your life will need to be contemplated within this process.

Conceal nothing, reveal everything! And do not forget, I excel through my mediumship and clairvoyance abilities, and my team is composed by incredible specialists, so withholding information does not work in your favor.

Once we have the macro and micro picture of your life, we will lay out a real treasure system which will feature all aspects of your life, in a complete map with indicators, steps to be taken, places to be watched out for, and an entire game plane on how to achieve your short, mid and long term life goals, and will then serve as a powerful pillar to all of your life´s endeavours.

Furthermore, I will use my remarkable connection to the Spiritual Realm to map your needs, as well as using it in order to heal your system, wherever your energetic field tells me it needs strengthening.

It is our sole intention to ensure you have the best Holistic Lifestyle Coaching for Peak Performance you will ever experience in your lifetime.

How could I offer you a service which will enhance your most valuable means and empower your genius, if I did not bring my most treasured engine, the ultimate too, to the table!?

Are you ready for take off ?


Our SUBLIME Destination

Enduring high performance heat, with eminence, is undoubtedly a complex assignment, however, it is not impossible.

If we are genuinely honest about where we are and where we want to arrive, we are able to outline the most effective physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practices, in order to align and strengthen our bodies, with our previously determined purpose.

The fantastic news here is that you won´t need to plan and design all of this alone. 

Guided by the Spiritual Realm, and our exclusive Spiritual Healing Executives, we will accompany you on your path of fortifying your engine, leading you directly into the flight of a lifetime.

The perfect balance between substantiality, connection, heat and achievement. The perfect harmonic orchestra between Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

You are no longer excelling by forgetting yourself completely and focusing only on your career goals, you are now shining as a result of a true and powerful connection to yourself, by embracing all of you and making sure no pieces stay behind.

You are now a fulfilled human being, vibrating not only in financial abundance, but also in abundant health, happiness and inner peace. 

You are now SUBLIME.